Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas

Robert Atkinson - The Best Attorney in Las Vegas for Bankruptcy Filings

Filing your bankruptcy (chapter 7 or chapter 13) in a U.S court can prove to be a difficult process. The chances of rejection for minor or major blunders during the filing for bankruptcy are very high. The key is to find a competent and reputed lawyer or attorney to handle the bankruptcy case.

Attorneys should be able to clarify all types of critical queries related with the bankruptcy procedure to get out of debt, following the rules as per the chapters 7, 11 or 13 of bankruptcy regulations law.

Mr. Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas is one of the most reputed and leading lawyers who is known to have filed more than 1000 business or personal bankruptcy cases for chapter 7, 13 and 11. Even though being a high profile attorney, he handles every case personally from the beginning to end.

Highlighting Features of Mr. Atkinson’s Career as a Mega-Successful Bankruptcy Attorney:

Immensely talented and having vast experience in the complicated field of bankruptcy filings

Has considerable knowledge of all the aspects of filings such as 1st day motions, cash collateral, respite from compelling stays, responsibilities of debtor, transfer details, priority claims, small enterprises debtor qualifications, avoidance of lien, etc.

Mr. Atkinson has handled and overseen more than 100 cases as a counsel (three bankruptcy chapter 7 trustees) in the Nevada State.

His experience has given him the confidence and in-sight for managing the toughest cases and knowledge to work on exemptions, avoid certain non-dischargeable acts and assure clients of superior filings for making the whole bankruptcy process very smooth and easy.

His background related to accounting and realty business has helped him immensely in becoming adept at handling any sort of complex cases.

Previously, he had a successful short term career as a NASA physicist for conducting major research work at the National Laboratory in Los Alamos.

He is expert in dealing with all kinds of pressure situations and gifted with cool headed thinking.

His immaculate planning, meticulous preparations and tireless follow-ups has always shown positive results in favor of this clients

Educational Qualifications

Prestigious attorney Mr. Robert Atkinson has completed his J.D. (Juris Doctor) course from Georgetown University. He has also done MBA in finance from the reputed Carnegie Mellon University. Atkinson has shown keen interest in the science field and holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Montana State University.

Courts and Jurisdiction Areas
His jurisdiction areas include U.S district Court in Nevada, eighth and Second District Court Nevada, the Judicial Court in Clark County, the Supreme Court United States, the Nevada State Supreme Court, the Appellate Panel (bankruptcy ninth circuit) and the ninth circuit Appeals Court.

Robert Atkinson Attorney Las Vegas is a force to reckon with in the volatile field of bankruptcy filings. Offering bankruptcy protection is not an easy task. Enlisted attorneys with professional qualification and experience in handling complex bankruptcy filings are few in Las Vegas area. Mr. Atkinson is a rare and valuable find for those seeking real help in filing bankruptcy cases.

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